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Originally delivered on 5/19/2023 9:06 am


MAY 19, 2023

Spring Book Fair is coming the Beaumont NEXT WEEK! This is something the kids and teachers look forward to every Spring.  The students will visit the book fair with their class one time to create a wish list and then the teachers will allow the students to come and shop the book fair throughout the week during a time that works best of the teacher or they will return as a class to shop the book fair.  Parents can send students with money to purchase books on the day they visit the fair or you can wait to review their wish lists. Parents can set up an EWallet, which is similar to a gift card, send in cash or a check made out to the Beaumont HSA. More information was sent home in their back packs on Thursday. If you would like to find out more about it now, please follow this link:

Special Events :Wednesday, May 24th  at 5pm-6:30pm -  Bring the family to shop the book fair.  We will have books available for all ages.

Online - You are able to shop the book fair online starting May 19th - June 1st

VolunteersThe Book fair is not possible without volunteers.  Please consider volunteering throughout the week.  The younger students often need help with writing out their wish list or finding a book they will love. Please help where you can.

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Please contact Michelle Cherny ( or Jill Hough (

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