Beaumont HSA Welcomes Author and Former Teacher for Book Signing


When Joephine the Swans’ Family Handbell Went Missing: The True Story 

Written by Charlemagne Jackson

Illustrated by Geraldine M. Settles


Beaumont is proud to host Ms. Charlemagne Jackson, former BES teacher, and now published author, for our annual author visit on February 27th! Students in all grade levels will have the opportunity to hear Ms. Jackson read and present her book. 


About the Book:

This delightfully written and beautifully illustrated children’s book is being told from a first-person’s point of view. A family heirloom Joephine, is a 100-year old brass handbell who will instantly captivate your interest. Allow her to gently embrace your imagination at the beginning of her journey as she shares the story of how she was used as an active young handbell. Continue to follow her as she tells you why she was passed along from one generation to another and then sadly, how she went missing. Finally, read the exciting conclusion as the aged handbell is found and happily reunited with her family. Her moving story can now be told for many generations to come.